Boiler rental

Power for hire from 1 to 9 MW.

Unitary capabilities ranging from 1'500 to 14'000 kg/h, with a 24 bar maximum service pressure.

The boilers we provide for rental have been specifically designed and built taking into account the following requirements of primary importance:

Cospe - 8 tph rental boiler Cospe - Installation of a 8 tph rental boiler
  • A monobloc structure suitable for outdoor installations (no additional weather protection needed), easy to handle either lifted by a crane or mounted on a trailer.

  • The minimization of accessories and components that are not installed and connected to the block of the boiler container.

  • An arrangement for smooth assembly of parts shipped detached.

  • A wide flexibility of use with the capacity to provide hot water, superheated water (from 1 to 9 MW) and steam at low pressures, with the possibility to choose among liquid or gaseous fuels.

  • Highly qualified support at start-up and during service.

  • Spare parts available at our warehouse or on site.

Caldaie Cospe a noleggio in batteria 9 MW Caldaia Cospe a noleggio 12 tph